Rainy Dreary Day


It’s a rainy dreary day here and I NEED to go out & get some paint BUT would much rather stay in the warm dry house!!!

So I’m instead looking at real estate property in my area!!!  We live in an area that is FULL of vacation rentals.  Everyone wants to come see our part of the south.  And it is BEAUTIFUL except on rainy dreary days like today!!!  There’s lush green mountains, lots of things to do & loads of wildlife to see while just hanging out on the front porch!!!


Ohhhhh to dream what it would be like for Yellow House Designs to own some vacation rental properties!!!!  That’s definitely going on the dream board!!!!


And just like that it happened….



Well it happened…..I never thought I would enjoy painting!!  Never thought I could sit down & design something…..draw it out…..and then actually paint it!!
BUT IT DID!!!  And my oh my it’s so wonderful!!

In the middle of the craziness of my life, people being sick, people needing me and pulling me in different directions…..the simple joy of sitting down to make this has truly been a blessing.  I prayed and prayed for something….something that could make me not pull my hair out.  Something that I would enjoy doing but not take away from the everyday duties I have…….ASK and you shall receive!!!

So please take a moment and let me know what you think of the designs so far